Meet your graphic design needs at emkay & co

emkay & co—a freelance graphic design and production business, located in Monticello and International Falls, MN, providing professional and affordable creative graphics services for presentations, print and web since 2002.

Whether you are a large company looking to contract freelance graphic design assistance for a specific project need or a small business owner, emkay & co provides graphic design services tailored to your needs.

No matter what your project requirements are—to work within an established visual identity/ corporate image, create new design or artwork, or revise existing materials—emkay & co will partner with you and your team to provide total graphic design support for your projects.

Presentation design • brochure design • newsletters • pocket folders • financial reports • advertisements • web site design and production • multimedia design and production • videos • banner design • display design • sign design • labels and packaging design

Design:  scope definition • design development • production (all mediums) • copy editing

Project Management: Client team management • Proposal writing & presentation • Contract development & fee negotiation • Scheduling & time tracking • Insuring client satisfaction